DENNIS DEYOUNG – il primo video/singolo tratto dal prossimo album

DENNIS DEYOUNG – il primo video/singolo tratto dal prossimo album

Il leggendario cantante e musicista Dennis DeYoung ha annunciato l’uscita del suo prossimo disco, intitolato “26 East, Vol. 2” e in uscita l’11 giugno 2021 tramite Frontiers Music Srl.

Inoltre, oggi DeYoung ha anche pubblicato il primo singolo e video tratto dall’album, “Isle Of Misanthrope”.

Pre-ordina “26 East, Vol. 2” QUI:

1.  Hello Goodbye
2.  Land Of The Living
3.  The Last Guitar Hero (Featuring Tom Morello)
4.  Your Saving Grace
5.  Proof Of Heaven
6.  Made For Each Other
7.  There’s No Turning Back Time
8.  St. Quarantine
9.  Little Did We Know
10. Always Time
11. The Isle Of Misanthrope
12. Grand FinaleLine-up:
– Vocals: Dennis DeYoung
– Drums: Mike Morales, Ed Breckenfeld, Matthew DeYoung & The Late Khari Parker
– Guitar: Jim Peterik, Mike Aquino, August Zadra, Jim Leahey, Solo on Last Guitar Hero: Tom Morello “The Great Houdini”
– Bass: Jim Peterik, Jim Majors, Me on Synth Bass.
– Keyboards: Me & Why Not?
– Horns on Hello Goodbye, The Ides Of March: Tim Bales, Steve Eisen & Henry Delgado
– Accordion: Mr.Tacit
– Background Vocals: Jim Peterik, August Zadra, Kevin Chalfant, Suzanne Deyoung, Tito Gobi, Craig Carter, Mike Morales & Me. Mostly Me, I Work Cheap And Was Always Available. Besides My Voice Always Reminds People Of A Very Popular ’70s And ’80s Group. No, Not The Pointer Sisters.
– Michael Manson Gospel Group on Your Saving Grace.
– Matthew DeYoung would like to dedicate his performance on the Grand Finale to his mentor John Panozzo. The ride cymbal Matthew used was given to him by John.

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