Mourning Dawn The Foam of Despair Aesthetic Death CD/LP/Digital 12/01/24
Grave Digger The Grave Is Yours ROAR! Single 12/01/24
The Hope Conspiracy Confusion/Chaos/Misery Deathwish Inc LP 12/01/24
The Grandmaster Black Sun Frontiers CD/Digital 12/01/24
Ryujin Ryujin Napalm CD/LP/Digital 12/01/24
Russell/Guns Medusa Frontiers CD/Digital 12/01/24
The Rods Rattle The Cage Massacre CD/LP/Digital 12/01/24
Artificial Heaven Digital Dreams My Kingdom CD/LP/Digital 12/01/24
Ruthless The Fallen Fireflash CD/LP/Digital 12/01/24
Emil Bulls Love Will Fix It Arising Empire CD/LP/Digital 12/01/24
The Rods Rattle The Cage Massacre CD/LP/Digital 12/01/24
Exit Eden Femme Fatales Napalm CD/LP/Digital 12/01/24
Alluvial Death Is But A Door Nuclear Blast EP 12/01/24
Drown In Sulphur Dark Secrets of the Soul Scarlet CD/Digital 12/01/24
Magnum Here Comes The Rain SPV CD/LP/Digital 12/01/24
Ribspreader Reap Humanity Xtreem Music CD/LP/Digital 16/01/24
Upon Stone Dead Mother Moon Century Media CD/LP/Digital 19/01/24
Saxon Hell, Fire & Damnation Silver Lining CD/LP/Digital 19/01/24
Voltumna For Death Is Fate EP 19/01/24
Vemod The Deepening Prophecy CD/LP/Digital 19/01/24
Lord Dying Clandestine Transcendence MNRK Heavy CD/LP/Digital 19/01/24
Green Day Saviors Reprise CD/LP/Digital 19/01/24
Methedrine No Solution, No Salvation Time To Kill CD/LP/Digital 19/01/24
Cobrakill Serpent’s Kiss Frontiers CD/Digital 19/01/24
Tenside Come Alive Dying Ivory Tower CD/LP/Digital 19/01/24
Metalite Expedition One AFM CD/LP/Digital 19/01/24
Striker Ultrapower CD/LP/Digital 19/01/24
Toliman Elevate Bagana CD/LP/Digital 19/01/24
Neck Deep Neck Deep Hopeless LP/Digital 19/01/24
Master Saints Dispelled Hammerheart CD/LP/Digital 19/01/24
Jenner Prove Them Wrong Fighter CD/LP/Digital 24/01/24
Any Given Day Limitless Arising Empire CD/LP/Digital 26/01/24
Thunder Live At Leeds earMUSIC CD/LP/Digital 26/01/24
Thunder Live At Islington Academy earMUSIC CD/LP/Digital 26/01/24
Madder Mortem Old Eyes, New Heart Dark Essence CD/LP/Digital 26/01/24
Mago De Oz Alice En El Metal Verso Warner Bros CD/LP/Digital 26/01/24
Caligula’s Horse Charcoal Grace Inside Out CD/LP/Digital 26/01/24
Cognizance Phantazein Willowtip CD/LP/Digital 26/01/24
The Infernal Sea Hellfenlic Candlelight CD/LP/Digital 26/01/24
Vitriol Suffer & Become Century Media CD/LP/Digital 26/01/24
New Model Army Unbroken earMUSIC CD/LP/Digital 26/01/24
Inquisition Veneration Of Medieval… Agonia CD/LP/Digital 26/01/24
Jag Panzer Mechanized Warfare Atomic Fire LP 26/01/24
Jag Panzer Thane To The Throne Atomic Fire LP 26/01/24
Jag Panzer The Fourth Judgement Atomic Fire LP 26/01/24
Whitechapel Live In The Valley Metal Blade CD/LP/Digital 26/01/24
Vipassi Lightless Season of Mist CD/LP/Digital 26/01/24
The Gems Phoenix Napalm CD/LP/Digital 26/01/24
Blood Red Throne Nonagon Soulseller CD/LP/Digital 26/01/24
Lucifer Lucifer V Nuclear Blast CD/LP/Digital 26/01/24
Hiraes Dormant Napalm CD/LP/Digital 26/01/24
AA.VV. A Tribute to Celtic Frost Time To Kill CD/LP/Digital 26/01/24
Manticora Mycelium Mighty Music CD/Digital 26/01/24
Enterprise Earth Death: An Anthology MNRK Heavy CD/LP/Digital 02/02/24
Necrowretch Swords of Dajjal Season Of Mist CD/LP/Digital 02/02/24
Being As An Ocean Death Can Wait Out Of Line CD/LP/Digital 02/02/24
Baratro The Sweet Smell of Unrest Improved Seq. CD/LP/Digital 02/02/24
Persefone Lingua Ignota: Part I Napalm EP 02/02/24
Solbrud IIII Vendetta CD/LP/Digital 02/02/24
Myrath Karma earMUSIC CD/LP/Digital 02/02/24
Bipolar Architecture Metaphysicize Pelagic CD/LP/Digital 02/02/24
Unaus.Kulten Häxan Sabaoth Iron Bonehead CD/LP/Digital 02/02/24
Revolution Saints Against The Winds Frontiers Music CD/LP/Digital 09/02/24
F.K.Ü. The Horror and the Metal Despotz Records CD/LP/Digital 09/02/24
Chelsea Wolfe She Reaches Out to… Loma Vista CD/LP/Digital 09/02/24
Last 10 Seconds Of Life No Name Graves Unique Leader CD/LP/Digital 09/02/24
Chapel Of Disease Echoes Of Light Van Records CD/LP/Digital 09/02/24
Smoking Snakes Danger Zone Frontiers CD/LP/Digital 09/02/24
The Pineapple Thief It Leads To This Kscope CD/LP/Digital 09/02/24
Hulder Verses In Oath 20 Buck Spin CD/LP/Digital 09/02/24
Metal De Facto Land Of Rising Sun Pt. 1 Rockshots CD/LP/Digital 09/02/24
Infected Rain Time Napalm Records CD/LP/Digital 09/02/24
In Autumn What’s Done Is Done My Kingdom CD/Digital 13/02/24
Vanir Epitome Mighty Music CD/LP/Digital 16/02/24
Farsot Life Promised Death Prophecy CD/LP/Digital 16/02/24
Honeymoon Suite Alive Frontiers Music CD/LP/Digital 16/02/24
Samael Passage – Live Napalm CD/LP/Digital 16/02/24
Darkspace Dark Space II Season Of Mist CD/LP/Digital 16/02/24
Praise The Plague Suffocating In The… Lifeforce CD/LP/Digital 16/02/24
See You Next Tuesday Relapses Good Fight CD/LP/Digital 16/02/24
Riot V Mean Streets Atomic Fire CD/LP/Digital 16/02/24
Slayer Show No Mercy Metal Blade LP 16/02/24
Ihsahn Ihsahn Candlelight CD/LP/Digital 16/02/24
Steve Hackett The Circus And The… InsideOut CD/LP/Digital 16/02/24
Elettra Storm Powerlords Scarlet CD/LP/Digital 16/02/24
Illumishade Another Side Of You Napalm CD/LP/Digital 16/02/24
The Hellacopters Grande Rock Nuclear Blast CD/LP/Digital 16/02/24
The Obsessed Gilded Sorrow Ripple Music CD/LP/Digital 16/02/24
Eternal Storm A Giant Bound To Fall Trans Obscurity CD/LP/Digital 16/02/24
Bokassa All Out of Dreams Indie CD/LP/Digital 16/02/24
Morta Skuld Creation Undone Peacville CD/LP/Digital 23/02/24
Dust Bolt Sound & Fury AFM CD/LP/Digital 23/02/24
Counting Hours The Wishing Tomb Ardua Music CD/LP/Digital 23/02/24
Mars The Other Side Of Mars 1313 LLC CD/LP/Digital 23/02/24
Darkest Hour Perpetual | Terminal MNRK Heavy CD/LP/Digital 23/02/24
Job For A Cowboy Moon Healer Metal Blade CD/LP/Digital 23/02/24
Borknagar Fall Century Media CD/LP/Digital 23/02/24
Ace Frehley 10.000 Volts MNRK Music CD/LP/Digital 23/02/24
Austrian Death Machine Quad Brutal Napalm CD/LP/Digital 23/02/24
Amaranthe The Catalyst Nuclear Blast CD/LP/Digital 23/02/24
Stygian Crown Funeral For A King Cruz Del Sur CD/LP/Digital 23/02/24
Saturnalia Temple Paradigm Call Listenable CD/LP/Digital 01/03/24
Big Big Train The Likes Of Us Inside Out CD/LP/Digital 01/03/24
Firewind Stand United AFM CD/LP/Digital 01/03/24
Suicidal Angels Profane Prayer Nuclear Blast CD/LP/Digital 01/03/24
Zakk Sabbath Doomed Forever… Magnetic Eye CD/LP/Digital 01/03/24
Ministry Hopiumforthemasses Nuclear Blast CD/LP/Digital 01/03/24
Bruce Dickinson The Mandrake Project BMG CD/LP/Digital 01/03/24
Blind Channel Exit Emotions Century Media CD/LP/Digital 01/03/24
Sonata Arctica Clear Cold Beyond Atomic Fire CD/LP/Digital 08/03/24
Gost Prophecy Metal Blade CD/LP/Digital 08/03/24
Judas Priest Invincible Shield Sony Music CD/LP/Digital 08/03/24
Skeletal Remains Fragments Of The Ageless Century Media CD/LP/Digital 08/03/24
Merrimack Of Grace and Gravity Season Of Mist CD/LP/Digital 08/03/24
Comeback Kid Trouble SharpTone EP 15/03/24
Necrophobic In The Twilight Grey Century Media CD/LP/Digital 15/03/24
Scott Stapp Higher Power Napalm CD/LP/Digital 15/03/24
Dragonforce Warp Speed Warriors Napalm CD/LP/Digital 15/03/24
Scott Stapp Higher Power Napalm CD/LP/Digital 15/03/24
Fall Of Serenity Open Wide, O Hell Lifeforce CD/LP/Digital 22/03/24
The Moor Ombra Inertial CD/LP/Digital 23/03/24
SUM 41 Heaven :x: Hell Rise CD/LP/Digital 29/03/24
Rage Afterlifelines SPV CD/LP/Digital 29/03/24
Korpiklaani Rankarumpu Nuclear Blast CD/LP/Digital 05/04/24
Disbelief Killing Karma Listenable CD/LP/Digital 05/04/24
Blacktop Mojo Pollen CD/LP/Digital 05/04/24
Replicant Infinite Mortality Trans Obscurity CD/LP/Digital 12/04/24
Witherfall Sounds of the Forgotten Deathwave CD/LP/Digital 31/05/24