CARL CANEDY – New single “NOT EVEN LOVE” revealed! Check the details of upcoming CANEDY’s debut album “WARRIOR”!

CARL CANEDY – New single “NOT EVEN LOVE” revealed! Check the details of upcoming CANEDY’s debut album “WARRIOR”!
The song “Not Even Love” was created when Charlie played a riff he had invented even before the band was writing songs for the album. I believe he referred to it as the “angry song” or the “angry riff” until we came up with a name for it. Tony, Carl, and Charlie worked on the music while I listened to what they were doing, and I tried to come up with melodies that fit what they were playing. We often worked on several new songs at a time, so we always recorded the sessions, and then we could work on the songs independently between sessions when we were not together.
When I was at the writing sessions with them, I had some basic ideas for melodies for the verses and choruses, but I really didn’t have any ideas for lyrics. Sometimes, if you try too hard, good lyrics won’t come. You can’t force it to happen. You just have to always have the music in your head, and eventually, the lyrics will come to you. Sometimes, it is as if somebody else was writing the song for me and was whispering lyrics to me in bits and pieces. I think the words “Not Even Love” seemed to fit the chorus, so I started with that.
    It took a while for me to move forward from there. I tried to imagine different story lines that might fit the mood of the music. I didn’t hear the music as angry, but it did seem dark, and frustrated, and a little scary. I knew this wasn’t going to be a happy song. And the more time it took me to find lyrics, the more agitated and desperate I became. Some nights I couldn’t sleep, so I would lie in bed and think about the band and the songs we were writing, and also I would think of how badly I wanted to put together a good album. I would often get out of bed and look out the window, as if I were trying to find some inspiration out there in the darkness. Occasionally, the light of the moon would shine through the big windows of my home to find me wide awake thinking about music and where it might take us if we could just get these songs written. Each of us in the band have been trying so hard for all of our lives to do something like this, to be noticed for something great, and we weren’t getting any younger.
    So, the idea started to come to me to use my situation, my life at that moment, as the material for the song. I recall how I thought that an opportunity like this was out of reach. I thought that my chances of writing a successful album and touring with a band had passed me by. But seemingly out of nowhere, the opportunity to get back into the music business presented itself, and I didn’t want anything to get in the way this time. I imagined being offered one more chance to do what I truly love. What would I do? What would I be willing to sacrifice to make this dream come true? Was I the kind of person who would leave everything, even my family, my wife and my children, for a chance to re-ignite my career? Of course not. But then I wouldn’t have anything interesting to sing about, would I? Sometimes, if you are going to make yourself the subject of a song, you have to imagine yourself being capable of saying or doing things that a normal person would not do. Normal people doing normal things don’t make for very interesting subject matter.  So I had to imagine that I would actually leave them.  I had to imagine that I was capable of that kind of cold blooded, reptilian selfishness; that I would pack my bags in the middle of the night and disappear into a waiting limo as my wife and child watched me leave, crying and begging me to stay the whole time, because they knew I wouldn’t be coming back. At that point, it was a like video playing in my head. All I had to do then was put it into words and make sure it rhymed in the appropriate spots.
    Each of us worked very hard on this and every other song. Sometimes, when you are totally immersed in the work of crafting each part, one note at a time, and you are concentrating on the smallest things, the song in its entirety escapes your attention. But once it was actually done and I heard those lyrics with that music, from start to finish, that song gave me chills, especially near the end where Tony insisted that we do something more interesting than just a regular verse. He added the second vocal line underneath the main melody that acts like a dark, demonic chant and builds incredible tension toward the conclusion of the song.  It scared me a little to think that I could write about myself being that type of person. It was a visit to the dark side for me. But, I think it made for a more interesting song.
Mike Santarsiero
One of the most respected names in all of metal, Carl Canedy, is ready to unveil the latest release by his solo project, Canedy, entitled ‘Warrior.’ Released on May 8th with digital and streaming versions, and on August 7thon CD and vinyl via Sleaszy Rider Records, Canedy is comprised of Mike Santarsiero (lead vocals), Charlie Russello (guitars, synth), Tony Garuba  (bass, vocals, cello), and Carl on drums. And as evidenced by the material on ‘Warrior,’ it is a decidedly vintage metal sound with a modern approach that the quartet specialize in, as seen/heard in the first video for the album’s title track:
“I had been looking for musicians who lived close to me, and who were interested in writing original material,” recalls Carl. “After my first CANEDY album, I wanted my next project to be a true band effort. Tony, asked me if I would do a TV show with him and his former band TLC (Totally Lost Cause). I did the TV show with them, and we all worked so well together we decided to write and record an album. I couldn’t have asked to work with more talented guys. Tony, Mike, and Charlie are all great songwriters and musicians.”
“The beginnings of this project was a drummer bailout on a TV appearance,” adds Tony. “I had been playing with Carl in a party/wedding band and he graciously bailed us out, hearing Carl’s take on what we were doing planted the seed of things to come. With Carl in the fold it freed us up to let our imaginations run wild – Mike’s vocals have never been better and Charlie’s guitar playing transforms the ordinary into extraordinary. What’s exciting is this project was very organic – whoever’s the main songwriter the rest of the band chips in.” 
‘Warrior’ is comprised of 10 tracks total, of which the band explains the story behind each rocking track:
  1 Do It Now –  is an autobiographical cautionary tale about workaholics with children.
  2 Not Even Love – is a dark tale of an artist who might be willing to give up everything he has, family included, to return to his past life again.
  3 Lies – is the admonition of people who suspect that their beliefs defy logic and scientific fact, but still selfishly cling to those beliefs, much to the detriment of society at large.
  4 Hellride – is God’s most formidable angel battles Satan in hell with vocals by Tony.
  5 Warrior –  is the story about the abandonment of, and the triumphant return to, the type of songs we love to write.
  6 3rd Times A Charm – is a story of a young man and his trials and tribulations with love.
  7 Out For Blood – isa societal statement.
  8 In This Sign – is the story of emperor Constantine and Rome embracing Christianity.
  9 The Prize –  encourages us to never give up on our dreams and aspirations. In time, we may find a way to make things happen.
10 Attia –  a doomed love, Attia, mother of Augustus Caesar, and Mark Antony.

“We are very excited to sign CANEDY and to release their upcoming masterpiece, ‘Warrior’,” says Tolis G. Palantzas (owner/managing director of Sleaszy Rider Records). “Carl Canedy is a talented musician (drummer of The Rods), a great and well-known producer (Anthrax, Overkill, Blue Cheer, Possessed, etc.) and a cool, easy going guy above all. We have a very good experience working  with him in the past, releasing the 2016 album by American hard rockers St. James, where Carl played the drums. As we are often in touch with Carl, it became a mutual interest to collaborate and to release ‘Warrior,’ a pure heavy metal album, that I loved from its first tunes! The album has a massive sound and production, it’s heavy, it’s epic, it’s catchy, melodic, powerful and I’m sure that all metal fans will love it the same as we did. The artwork of Eric Philippe is wonderful and I imagine now how beautiful it will appear on the final vinyl and cd editions we will print! We can’t wait till the 7th of August release date of ‘Warrior’!!” 

And, Carl enthuses, “Having worked with Tolis and Sleaszy Rider records on the St James re-releases, I knew signing with them we would be working with a person and label of integrity. Although, there were several labels interested in the band, we felt Tolis and Sleaszy Rider to be the best label for the Canedy ‘Warrior’ album.”
Canedy’s name is long-familiar with metalheads worldwide – as he was the drummer for the Rods (and a brief early drummer of Manowar). But it is as a producer that Canedy is most known – as he oversaw the recording of classic recordings by the likes of Anthrax (‘Fistful Of Metal,’ ‘Armed and Dangerous,’ and ‘Spreading the Disease’), Overkill (‘Feel the Fire’), and Blue Cheer (‘The Beast Is Back’) in the ‘80s. 
And now, Canedy is putting both his production and artistic talents to good use on ‘Warrior.’ “I am really proud of this album and the fact that we can do these songs justice live. I’m looking forward to people hearing the album and catching a live performance. I’m thrilled to be part of a band that is as strong live as it is in the studio!” The album was mixed by Chris Collier who has previously mixed albums for Korn, Prong and Last in Line.
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