BLIND GUARDIAN – nei negozi le ristampe del catalogo!

I progressive power metallers BLIND GUARDIAN hanno appena pubblicato le ristampe dei loro primi sette album oltre a due album dal vivo e una compilation su Nuclear Blast. I dischi sono disponibili qui

Le ristampe contengono:

  1. “Battalions Of Fear” (1988), remastered 2017

Bonus Tracks:

Brian (demo)

Halloween (The Wizard’s Crown) (demo)

Lucifer’s Heritage (demo)

Symphonies Of Doom (demo)


  1. “Follow The Blind” (1989), remastered 2017

Bonus Tracks:

Majesty (demo)

Trial By The Archon (demo)

Battalions Of Fear (demo)

Run For The Night (demo)


  1. “Tales From The Twilight World” (1990), remastered 2007

Bonus Tracks:

Lost In The Twilight Hall (demo)

Tommyknockers (demo)


  1. “Somewhere Far Beyond” (1992), remastered 2007

Bonus Tracks:

Ashes To Ashes (demo)

Time What Is Time (demo)


  1. Tokyo Tales” (1993), remastered 2007


  1. “Imaginations From The Other Side” (1995), remastered 2007

Bonus Tracks:

A Past And Future Secret (demo)

Imaginations From The Other Side (demo)

The Script For My Requiem (demo)


  1. “The Forgotten Tales” (1996), remastered 2007

Bonus Tracks:


Beyond The Realms Of Death

Don’t Talk To Strangers


  1. “Nightfall In Middle Earth” (1998), remastered 2007

Bonus Track:

Harvest of Sorrow


  1. “A Night At The Opera” (2002), remastered 2017


  1. “Live” (2003)


La band ha di recente pubblicato “Live Beyond The Spheres” in 3CD DIGI e 4LP BOX.

“Live Beyond The Spheres” è disponibile in formato fisico e digitale


Altro su “Live Beyond The Spheres”:

‘Twilight Of The Gods’ [LIVE CLIP]:

‘Prophecies’ [LIVE CLIP]:

‘Mirror Mirror’ [LIVE CLIP]:

‘The Ninth Wave’ [LIVE CLIP]:

Album trailer:

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